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Your Key code will also work with Simple Internet Meter. Two programs for the price of one :-)

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(Q.) I bought the pro version of Simple Port Forwarding, How do I get the free version to pro?
(A.) The pro and free version are in the same program. Simply run the free version, and then under the help menu you will see "Enter Serial Number". Put your serial number in and restart the program. You now have the pro version.


Licensing FAQ

(Q) Do I have to buy the pro version is order to get my router added?
(A) No! I will add any router. The program updates your router for free. So if you need your router added, just follow the instructions and I will get it added to the program.

(Q) Do I have to buy the pro version is order to get support?
(A) No! I fully and gladly support every one of my programs, free or not. Simply drop a post in the forum and I will help you with what ever you need.

(Q) Do I have to buy a copy for each computer or router that I have?
(A) No, you can buy 1 copy and use it for any number of routers or devices on your network .

(Q) Does my key code also work for Simple Internet Meter?
(A) Yes! The key code will work for both products.

(Q) I am a tech and would like to use the pro version on jobs, can I do that?
(A) Yes! If you are a business and you need the pro version for your techs, all you need to do is by one copy per tech. Then your tech can keep the portable version on a thumb drive and use it with them on jobs :-)